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Pristine hospital is one of the advanced medical & surgical hospital in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Founded in 2004 and managed by leading surgeons we offer a patient centered treatment at an affordable cost.

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Rehabilitation Center

Physiotherapy is a science based profession and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing which includes the patients’ general lifestyle.

Diagnostic center

We have a specialised diagnostic center with multiple diagnostic tools like MRI Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Echo, TMT, Digital X ray, and a 24/7 computerized automated medical lab.

Qualified Doctors

At Pristine Hospital we have highly qualified doctors belonging to various specialties and super specialties who are committed in offering the best possible treatment cost effectively.

Emergency Services

For any Emergency kindly contact us. Ambulance services are available with us 24*7. Contact Us at +91-80-41354444.

Latest News from Pristine e-Health Services

We Believe Educating People About Health Is A Good Way To Promote Healthy Living. For this reason we have created live blogs where patient educative Articles, health tips & recent advancements in field of Health will be posted by our doctors who specialize in that particular field. Our blogs are designed in such a way that easy interaction between you and the Doctors is possible.


Pancreas is a organ which has both exocrine and endocrine functions. It is mainly a source of producing insulin in…

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Every tooth has a pulp that is anatomically located at its centre which houses lateral nerves that connect the teeth…

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What patients say About Pristine Hospital

We Have Shared A Few Testimonials From Our Patients below, We aim to bring Hope and assure you that every disease is treatable and you don't have to suffer with it . "Dont Give Up On Your Health, Get Your Life Back" @ Pristine Hospital.

  • H1N1-Virus

    I had a high fever and body pain since 2 days. Later I started having cough. Initially I got treated at a local clinic but was not relieved and later I developed breathing difficulty. I was referred by the doctor to Pristine Hospital. At Pristine Hospital I was admitted immediately to ICU and provisionally diagnosed as a H1N1 infection. All the tests done here were as suggested by Dr. Tejas and confirmed having H1N1 infection and Pneumonia. I received a very good treatment and excellent nursing care. After 9 days of treatment, I am feeling better, relaxed and also satisfied with the treatment provided. I then realised that H1N1 is curable with the right treatment.

  • rudre gowda

    I was suffering from lower back pain and had undergone surgery for the same in two Different hospitals and the surgeries did not help me. After going through so much pain, expense and anxiety i nearly gave up in my life and taught i may have to live with the pain all my life. seeing me suffer my friend refereed me to Pristine hospital, After undergoing surgery here i feel a lot better and understood that No man Has to live with their illness and treatment are successful when done under the right hands.

  • hillary biduga

    I was suffering from back pain for the past 20 years which affected my physical, mental and social status. After getting it treated at Pristine hospital i recovered and i am able to do my routine without pain. This is life changing for me. I have started to see life after longtime.