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Pristine hospital is one of the advanced medical & surgical hospital in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Founded in 2004 and managed by leading surgeons we offer a patient centered treatment at an affordable cost.

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Rehabilitation Center

Physiotherapy is a science based profession and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing which includes the patients’ general lifestyle.

Diagnostic center

We have a specialised diagnostic center with multiple diagnostic tools like MRI Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Echo, TMT, Digital X ray, and a 24/7 computerized automated medical lab.

Qualified Doctors

At Pristine Hospital we have highly qualified doctors belonging to various specialties and super specialties who are committed in offering the best possible treatment cost effectively.

Emergency Services

For any Emergency kindly contact us. Ambulance services are available with us 24*7. Contact Us at +91-80-41354444.

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We Believe Educating People About Health Is A Good Way To Promote Healthy Living. For this reason we have created live blogs where patient educative Articles, health tips & recent advancements in field of Health will be posted by our doctors who specialize in that particular field. Our blogs are designed in such a way that easy interaction between you and the Doctors is possible.


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What patients say About Pristine Hospital

We Have Shared A Few Testimonials From Our Patients below, We aim to bring Hope and assure you that every disease is treatable and you don't have to suffer with it . "Dont Give Up On Your Health, Get Your Life Back" @ Pristine Hospital.

  • A Successful Story Mr.GREGORY MTANA aged 76 yrs old male from Tanzania came to Pristine Hospital with kidney problems. The patient was worried and frightened because the previous treating doctor in Tanzania had diagnosed that his Kidneys function are impaired and needs an emergency Kidney Transplantation or he would not survive for more than 2 months. Mr GREGORY MTANA was unable to urinate and was into a lot of problem. At Pristine Hospital, our kidney specialists examined Mr GREGORY MTANA and relevant blood tests and urine tests were done and a Kidney Biopsy was taken. Simultaneously medical management for his urinary/kidney problem was started. Within the first few days of starting the treatment for Mr G, his urinary problem was greatly minimized. After the biopsy report it was proved that Mr GREGORY MTANA's kidneys were still functioning and didnot require a Kidney Transplant. After a week of treating Mr GREGORY MTANA with medicines his urinary problems were managed efficiently. At the time of discharge Mr GREGORY MTANA was very happy since he no more needs his Kidney Transplanted.

  • A 3 year old boy in Tanzania was taken to a hospital on emergency with an abnormally swollen abdomen he also had difficulty passing urine. The doctor and his team who attended the boy diagnosed a major problem & a complicated surgery was recommended. The parents on the advise of their friend got to know about Pristine Hospital and came down to India to have a second opinion and to get their son treated here. At Pristine Hospital, the boy was examined and underwent few blood test and radio logical investigations after which he was diagnosed with a minor problem in urethra for which a laparoscopic surgery was recommend. Post the surgery the kid was able to pass urine normally and the kid was discharged from the hospital in 3 days. The parents are very happy that they have avoided a major kidney surgery and his son was able to urinate normally. Disclaimer - The patient's name is not mentioned as requested by the patient's parents.

  • I had met with an accident in Tanzania and underwent multiple surgeries for the same but was not relieved by the pain in the hip region. I repeatedly met the doctor with regard to the pain and later was suggested to get an X Ray done. After seeing the X Ray the doctor said that my hip socket had broken and advised me to visit a super speciality hospital for a proper treatment. I then came down to Pristine Hospital and here Dr. H.M. Prasanna and Dr. Balachandra attended me and recommended me to undergo a surgery to correct the hip socket. After the surgery I'm able to walk without any support and no longer suffering from any pain. The treatment provided was excellent. I would like to say that the doctors and the entire staff work like a family which is wonderful. I really like this hospital for the treatment and excellent care that they provide.

  • Shuffa Mankondo Mwenda

    I’m more obliged to avail my heartfelt appreciation for having being treated at Pristine Hospital for the 2 ailments which I’ve been experiencing for quiet a long time. My 2 ailments started way back since 2009 wherein I attended Root Canal Treatment at my National Hospital. The treatment was not concluded as during the treatment I reacted to the anaesthesia given and got collapsed since my Blood Pressure had shot up to over 200. After this episode, the doctor was reluctant to continue the treatment. Hence I stayed with the pain until 2013 when I was referred to an hospital at Hyderabad in India. The treatment given there was not conclusive as the problematic tooth was still giving pain after I returned back home to Tanzania. I again consulted doctor at my National Hospital but I didnt know exactly which tooth was paining as the pain was severe and unbearable. The doctor did a filling to my 2nd tooth but I got no relief from the pain. The doctor said me due to my complications there was nothing they could do and suggested that I visit Pristine Hospital at Bangalore in India. At Prisitine Hospital, I was attended by Dr. Kumar who convinced me he could manage to resolve my problem after knowing all the complications. Indeed there is much he did on human grounds to calm my emotions and fear towards being treated. I would like to thank Dr. Kumar for having me free of the pain I had for such a long time. I promise Dr. Kumar that I'll be an ambassador for those people with problems/complications to come over and get treated.

  • Mr Siddhesh

    I was suffering from severe back pain for sometime now which lead to loss of control over my legs and arms which was moving me to a bed-ridden stage. I was facing difficulty while standing up and walking. I met a lot of doctors and they said I had a Spinal Cord problem and suggested I undergo a surgery for the same. The doctors informed me that the surgery was very critical and there were chances that during the surgery my body could get paralysed which would be irreversible. Hearing to this I was scared to get the surgery done. Then I met Dr. Anantha Kishan at Pristine Hospital who gave me a lot of hope and confidence to undergo the surgery. Post surgery I have no pain and I am able to do my routine activities easily. I would like to thank Dr. Anantha Kishan for giving me my life back by treating me.

  • I would like to share my experience at Pristine Hospital for the amazing treatment I was provided. I would like to thank Dr. H.M. Prasanna who treated me very well. It was my first time in India but it was very easier for me to be in Pristine Hospital. I would also like to thank the Pristine Hospital Management as well as the nursing staff for making me comfortable.

  • Mohammed Migoda Mataka

    I was suffering from joint pain since 2 years. I went to National Hospital in Zanjibar for a check up and they prescribed a few tablets for my joint pain. I took the prescribed medication for 6 months but the pain didn't subside and was still present. Then I visited TMJ Hospital and they got my blood tests done and I was suggested to visit Pristine Hospital at Bangalore in India for my proper treatment. I came to the hospital on 16th May 2015 and got checked by Dr. V. Balachandra. He suggested that I get my blood tests and X Ray done. Later based on the reports the doctor said that I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. He asked me to take physiotherapy treatment for 5 days and also prescribed a few tablets. Post the treatment, the pain has tremendously come down and I’m satisfied with the treatment provided. I would like to thank Dr. V. Balachandra and also the nursing staff who were always present and made sure that I was comfortable.

  • I had a high fever and body pain since 2 days. Later I started having cough. Initially I got treated at a local clinic but was not relieved and later I developed breathing difficulty. I was referred by the doctor to Pristine Hospital. At Pristine Hospital I was admitted immediately to ICU and provisionally diagnosed as a H1N1 infection. All the tests done here were as suggested by Dr. Tejas and confirmed having H1N1 infection and Pneumonia. I received a very good treatment and excellent nursing care. After 9 days of treatment, I am feeling better, relaxed and also satisfied with the treatment provided. I then realised that H1N1 is curable with the right treatment.

  • rudre gowda

    I was suffering from lower back pain and had undergone surgery for the same in two Different hospitals and the surgeries did not help me. After going through so much pain, expense and anxiety i nearly gave up in my life and taught i may have to live with the pain all my life. seeing me suffer my friend refereed me to Pristine hospital, After undergoing surgery here i feel a lot better and understood that No man Has to live with their illness and treatment are successful when done under the right hands.

  • hillary biduga

    I was suffering from back pain for the past 20 years which affected my physical, mental and social status. After getting it treated at Pristine hospital i recovered and i am able to do my routine without pain. This is life changing for me. I have started to see life after longtime.