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Acne is a normal physiological condition of sebum (oil producing) areas of body namely face, chest, back and arms in teenage  and in male and female in early adulthood which causes concern to ability to scar and hence the need to treat at the earliest. Acne can also occur late in adulthood.

Signs of Acne:

  1. Appearance of white heads, black heads, red lumps and pus filled ones in face, chest, back & arms.
  2. Increased oily secretion of face.

Factors which lead to Acne/Pimples are:

  1. Block in skin pores.
  2. Normal skin bacterial Acnes

Acne is aggregated by dandruff, cosmetics, facial treatments, irregular menstural cycles in females, stress, food (especially milk) and medications (steroids, ATT).

Treatment for Acne is individualised for each patient with the following:

  1. Medicated anti pimple soaps/face wash as prescribed by the doctor and it needs to be continued for a long time.
  2. Anti Acne creams for applications.
  3. Oral antibiotics/ Oral retinoids for severe acne to reduce scars.
  4. Avoidance of excessive and multiple cosmetics, over the counter creams.
  5. Treatment of dandruff.
  6. Regular follow-up with a dermatologist.

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