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Back pain is a very common complaint. Lot of people at one time or the other suffer from Back pain.

Common causes of Back pain are as mentioned below:

  1. Long working hours.
  2. Inappropriate seating.
  3. Poor posture.
  4. Misuse of the back by lifting objects.
  5. By bending the back instead of bending the knee when required.
  6. Stress Disc problems in the Lumbar Spine.
  7. Sacroiliac Joint problems.
  8. Rheumatic disorders.
  9. In woman, gynaecological problems may also lead to back pain.

Commonest investigations done are X Ray, MRI Scan, CT scan, Ultrasound Scan and Blood test.

These investigations help in diagnosing the exact cause of the back pain.

The treatment done is according to the causes of the back pain.

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