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bleeding gums

Bleeding from the gums is most commonly seen while brushing the teeth. There are multiple causes for bleeding gums and they are as follows:

  1. Dental Cause: Gum bleeding arising due to infection/swelling of gums because of Tartar and Plaque deposits around the teeth. Plaque and Tartar deposits around the teeth contains millions of disease causing bacteria which infects the gum causing it to swell.

If left untreated the tartar and plaque deposits shall eventually progress destroying the gums and other tooth supporting tissues which lead to loss of the tooth.

Gum bleeding can also happen in a localised area i.e. around a particular teeth due to pus formation.

  1. Hormonal Changes: Hormones are chemical substances secreted in the body foe normal body functioning. Hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy (Estrogens Hormone) can cause gum to inflame even with minimal tartar around the teeth (Excessive response to minor stimuli). It is recommended that woman should maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental follow ups to make sure they have a clean and healthy oral cavity.


  1. Few medications, certain drugs can cause gum bleeding. The most common drug noted is Phenytoin (anti seizures drugs). Patient with history of epilepsy (seizures) should be more cautious and maintain a good oral hygiene to prevent bleeding gums.


  1. Trauma: Trauma to gums due to toothpicks, hairpins and nails are common causes of gum bleeding. It is advised not to use these methods to dislodge the food caught in between the teeth. It is recommended to use Tooth Floss for the same.


To summarise, bleeding gums if left untreated progresses destroying tooth supporting structure leading to loss of tooth.

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