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Pain in the chest is one of the commonest symptoms presenting to medicine OPD. It’s important to distinguish cardiac (heart related) from non cardiac causes of chest pain.

If patient has retrosternal (centre of the chest) chest pain which radiates to neck and left upper limb and associates with sweating and/or giddiness is likely to be cardiac chest pain.

If its heart burn type, predominantly involving lower chest/ upper abdomen area with bloating of abdomen with belching then its Gastritis (Dyspepsia).

If there is pain related to one side of the chest which increases on deep breathing then it is likely to be Pleuritic (lung) related chest pain.

The other common cause of chest pain is Costochondritis (inflammation of ribs) which is a musculo skeletal pain related with analgesics.

Commonly done investigations done are ECG, Cardiac Markers, Endoscopy and Chest X Ray.

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