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Dry skin is a skin condition which is commonly seen in all age groups.  It presents as scaling (white) mainly on extremeties (hands, legs, back and buttocks) with occasional itching. There can be different causes for dry skin.

In infants it occurs due to immature skin formation and loss of moisture. In adults in may occur due to weather conditions like in winters. If proper care is not taken then it may lead to red patches.

The commonest causes are:

  1. Nutritional deficiency.
  2. Hereditary – in families improves with age.
  3. Underlying diabetes, thyroid disorders, anaemia.
  4. Certain drugs – ATT.
  5. Some systemic diseases.

The treatment involves the below:

  • Liberal use of moisturisers thrice/four times a day
  • Usage of topical steroids/ oral anti histamines
  • Avoid using soaps that are harsh to the skin
  • For eczematous patients they need to start bathing with luke warm water and pat dry after bath.

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