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foreign body in ear

Foreign body in the ear is most common in children, mentally retarded and psychiatric patients.  Foreign body in the ear commonly gets stuck in the outer ear canal.

Foreign body in the ear can be further classified as Animated and Inanimated.

  • Animated foreign bodies include cockroaches, insects, ants etc.
  • Inanimated foreign bodies include peanuts, vegetables, seeds, pulses, metallic things, pencil lead, naphthalene balls, tips of cotton buds etc.


  • Feeling something in the ear
  • Ear pain
  • Itching in the ear
  • Difficulty in hearing

If foreign body is present for a longer period then it leads to chronic ear discharge, deafness and maggots’ in the ear.


  • If the patient feels any of the above mentioned symptoms, then they should immediately meet an ENT specialist.
  • Irrigation method: Water is forcefully is injected into the ear with syringe to flush the foreign body out of the ear.
  • If the foreign body is vegetables, seeds etc then the ENT specialist has to remove it with the help of forceps/instrument which is put behind the foreign body and pulled out carefully.
  • If the foreign body is insects or cockroaches, then we need to put anesthetic ear drops to kill the insect and later remove it.

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