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foreign body in nose

Foreign body is any object that is present in the nose and is not meant to be there. Foreign body can be in any form such as living, non living, organic, inorganic, metallic or non metallic.

It is more common in children aged between 0-5 years. Commonly found foreign bodies in the children are as below:

  1. Chalk pieces
  2. Clay
  3. Stones
  4. Pencils and erasers
  5. Toys
  6. Seeds
  7. Food items

In adults, it is more commonly found with psychiatric patients and mentally retarded people.


If the object is present for duration of 4-5 days then it leads to nasal blockage and that part of the nose starts smelling badly. If the object is organic, then the object starts swelling up slowly and may cause nasal discharge. The patient may feel a pain in the nose or some sought of irritation.

Complications include:

  • If unattended or if tried to remove by self, then the object may move down to the respiratory track and may cause an obstruction in breathing.
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Infection in the nose
  • Rhinolith formation (calculus formation)


If the object is present in the front portion of the nose it can be easily removed with the help of an ENT specialist.

But if the object is present in the middle or back portion of the nose it becomes difficult to remove the object. The procedure may require giving an anesthesia to the patient to remove the object.

To summarise, it is highly recommended to consult an ENT specialist to avoid any other further complications which can also be life threatening.

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