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Fungal Infections of skin

fungal infection

Fungal infections are one of the most common infections of skin.  It is more common in summer and humid conditions in susceptible individuals like diabetes, thyroid and pregnancy.

Fungi are immune suppressed commensals of skin (reside on skin surface) which become pathogenic (cause infection) in certain conditions.

Fungal infections are itchy, red patches with white flakes, spreading to the surrounding skin. Fungal infections spread through close contact, fomites (clothes, personal items like soaps, towels).

Fungal infections are common in body parts like underarm, inner thighs area, under breast area.

In case of men it is commonly seen in beard area due to use of unsterilized blades, towels whereas in case of children it is common in scalp.

Treatment includes:

  1. Topical and Oral anti fungal as advised by doctor for minimal 4-6 weeks.
  2. Anti fungal soaps/ anti fungal dusting powders for long term maintenance.
  3. Use of loose fitting cotton clothes, under garments.
  4. Keeping the affected area dry after bath/ getting wet.
  5. Avoid sharing of personal items
  6. Get a IFT/Diabetic profile done in case of recurrent fungal infections.

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