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hair fall

Normal scalp has approximately 1 lakh hairs in adults of which 10% fall daily in normal individuals i.e. 100-150. Anything excess needs medical intervention.

Causes of generalized Hair fall are as below:

  1. Stress/ Lack of sleep.
  2. Irregular diet/ Lack of nutrition.
  3. Crash diet/Sudden weight loss.
  4. Scalp disease – dandruff.
  5. Hair treatments – straightening, hair colour etc.
  6. Post pregnancy.
  7. Post chronic illness.
  8. Following long term medications.
  9. Post chemo treatment/ major surgeries.
  10. Repeated change of hair products.

Hair fall starts 6 months to 1 year of inciting agent.

Hair fall in males can be hormonal (androgenetic), it is hereditary (in father/brothers) causes thinning of thick terminal hair or scalp. It starts in the sides of forehead and central scalp. It is in progressive condition unless treated to leave behind a band of unaffected hairs in back of scalp.

Hair fall can be stopped if treated early and on maintaining treatment usually 1-2 years can regrow the smaller hair follicles.

In late stages – Hair transplants can be done.

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