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Psoriasis is a chronic (disease which subsides, aggregates and persists for long duration) skin condition usually affecting scalp, elbow, knee, lower back and nails. Psoriasis can affect joints of hands and lower spine.

Psoriasis can be genetic, more chances if you have someone in family suffering from Psoriasis. It presents as patches which are red, scaly and itchy spread on areas of trauma.

Treatment is nowadays very much advanced with oral immunosuppressant’s biologics, phototherapy and newer topical treatments. Psoriasis has complete etiology.

Mild disease: Few patches can be maintained with moisturisers, avoidance of trauma, topical steroids, others as advised.

Extensive (Moderate to Severe) Oral medications like Methotrexate, cyclosporine, Phototherapy under strict medical supervision.

Psoriatic treatment should always be tapered down, never stopped abruptly. Long term maintenance may be needed.

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