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Every tooth has a pulp that is anatomically located at its centre which houses lateral nerves that connect the teeth to the rest of the body.

Pulpitis refers to the inflammation of pulp (nerves and tissues). Patient suffering from pulpitis generally fail to localise the tooth causing pain.

The most common causes of pulpitis are:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Cervical abrasion of tooth caused by improper brushing
  • Deep fillings

Pulpitis is caused due to an irritant close to the pulp. An irritant can either be bacteria or anything that is close to the pulp like saliva, water, juice etc.

Diagnosing the tooth causing pulpitis to be established before starting a treatment.

There are two types of Pulpitis namely

  1. Reversible Pulpitis – In this condition the irritant which is close to the pulp, if removed and a suitable barrier (filling material) is placed then the inflammation of pulp subsides and returns back to the normal.
  2. Irreversible Pulpitis – If the infection/contaminant is already reached the pulp chamber the healing of pulp is not possible and hence the term Irreversible Pulpitis. In such situation a Root Canal Treatment or Extraction of tooth is needed.

It is always advised to the patients to meet the dentist soon after getting sensitive problems in the teeth in order to save the teeth and to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures.

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