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To understand tooth sensitivity it is important to know the anatomy of the tooth structure.



Sensitivity in tooth arises typically after loss of enamel or cementum exposing the underlined dentinal tubules. Other causes of tooth sensitivity include Trauma to teeth, excessive force on teeth during fixed braces therapy.

Loss of enamel of tooth can happen due to the below reasons:

  • Tooth decay
  • Brushing with high force
  • Brushing immediately after meals or beverages
  • Frequent bleaching
  • Medical conditions like severe gastritis and frequent vomiting
  • Trauma or Fracture of tooth

Loss of cementum of tooth can happen due to the below reasons:

  • Improper brushing technique
  • Loss of gums
  • Periodontitis (Disease of tooth supporting structure)

Now as we know there are multiple factors that are capable of causing tooth sensitivity it is advisable to visit your dentist to find and treat the cause of the sensitivity.

There are several desensitising toothpaste and mouth wash available in the market which should be used only after consulting your dentist to get optimum results.

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