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Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery

Pristine dental and maxillofacial unit is a patient friendly multi speciality family dental care.

Specialised treatments are offered in

Conservative dentistry and root canal treatment

Tooth colour fillings (GIC fillings and Composite resin fillings) are done using imported international quality materials and skilful dentistry. Complex amalgam restoration for severely damaged tooth are done using pin or post retained restorations. Caries preventive treatment such as pit and fissure sealents is done for children and adolescents.

Root canal therapy are done for painful tooth that can be restored back to function.

Invisible Braces

We offer invisible braces to align your teeth.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgical removal of impacted or ankylosed tooth is removed under local anaesthesia. Multiple impacted teeth can be removed under general anaesthesia or sedation if the patient needs them. Tumours, cysts and neoplasm’s of oral cavity are treated under a highly trained team of oral surgeons. Premalignant conditions like oral sub mucous fibrosis that can cause severe limitation of jaw opening are treated with graft techniques with high success rates.

Facial fractures following trauma are successfully managed for the past 7 years by our specialised maxillofacial team.

Periodontal surgeries

Surgical correction like flap surgeries and bone grafting are done to stabilise mobile teeth with bone loss. Receding, unesthetic gums are corrected using flap surgery techniques.


Single tooth implants, full mouth implants, implant aided dentures are done with good success over the past 7 years under the guidance of our specialised implantologist team.


Correction of mallalligned teeth are done using fixed or removal brackets depending on the patients need. Surgical correction of mallalligned teeth are done using a combined team of orthodontist and oral surgeon in case of severe jaw discrepancies.

Dentistry for medically compromised patients

Patients under treatment for stroke, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, renal problems, spine problems, and anxiety related disorders often need utmost care and modification in treatment to ensure that their general health is not affected due to their dental treatment.