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We provide a constant service to the patient ailing from various ENT disorders.


Ear surgeries for Chronic Ear discharge with/without hearing loss with a well equipped microscope (LIEKA) are performed with a good success rate. Proper treatment is advised and provided for deaf patients in case of Audiological Evaluation. Hearing Aids for deaf patients are made available.Dizzy patients secondary to the Ear origin are taken care through Medical and Conservative line of treatment like Chronic Meniers disease and Chronic Benign Positional Vertigo.


Nasal surgeries like Nasal Airway Abstraction and Chronic Sinus disease resulting in a chronic headache are taken care of. We also take care of Endoscope Guided Nose surgeries with an expert team of associates. Plastic correction of nose is done with the assistance of renowned plastic surgeons. We provide treatments to patients having a difficulty to breathe through nose.


We take care of childhood diseases like Adenoids and Tonsils problems by performing routine surgeries.Micro Larynx Surgery is performed for the growth of vocal chords and Cancer Larynx for voice disorders.