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At Pristine Skin clinic we offer you a wide range of medical and surgical treatments to make your skin look and feel healthy.

We offer specialised service in,

Paediatric dermatology

The skin of new born are very sensitive and needs special care. There are a number of skin diseases which affects infants and we have experienced team of doctors who can treat skin diseases.

Acne treatment:

Medical treatment, laser treatment, acne scar revision, micro derma abrasion, derma roller.

Trichology  Hair treatments

  1. Medical treatment to stop hair fall
  2. Stem cell injections, derma roller and hair implantation.
  3. Medical treatment for dry, scaly and itchy scalp (dandruff)

 Hirsutism: — excessive facial hair in females

Laser treatment to permanently remove facial hairs in women


  1. Chemical peels, microderma abrasion, botox, filler
  2. Face rejuvenation therapy

 Psoriasis and eczema ( dry, scaly skin treatments)


white patches on face and body are corrected using medical or surgical treatments.

Electrocautry and radiofrequency removal of warts and skin tags.

Surgical removal of moles, cysts

Regular skin care for a glowing, smooth youthful skin

Gediatric skin care – skin care for people more than 60 years of age

Pregnancy related skin care

Skin biopsy