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Neurology & Neuro Surgery

All varieties of Brain, Spine and Complex Poly Trauma Care are being done by the experienced team of doctors.
We have facilities like CT Scan, EEG and MRI Scan which enables diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of patients.

We also have equipments like Microscope, Neuro drill and Intro Operation C-Arm facility available to facilitate various surgical procedures.

Developmental Anamolies of both Brain and Spine are being operated.


We take care of Brain Stroke, Brain Tumours, Intra Surgery Bleeds, Epilepsy, Migraine, Meningitis, Dementia and Auto Immune disorders.

All varieties of Brain Trauma Regular surgeries are done on head injuries, Intra Cerebral Hematomas (Blood Clot).
Severe and Complex head injuries are regularly managed with the performance of round the clock Emergency surgeries whenever required.

All varieties of Brain Tumours are treated including Complex Deep seated tumours, Intra Ventricular tumours and Posterior Fossa tumours.

Cranioplasty (Skull Reconstruction with implants) for various indications are being performed. Life Saving Emergency Surgeries for Intra Cranial Hemorrhage are performed. We also have a good Neuro Rehabilitation Centre and Speech Therapy.


Spine Trauma with cord injuries are managed on a regular basis.The Neuro surgical team takes care of Spine Trauma, Regular Spinal surgeries, Surgeries for Degenerative spinal disorders involving all areas of Spine, Complicated Spinal surgeries and also Redo Spinal surgeries.

We take care of Spinal Fusions and Fixations, Artificial Disc Implants and the management of traumatic spine like Cervical, Dorsal and Lumbar levels.We also perform surgeries for patients requiring Spinal implants.

We provide 24 hrs Backup facilities like laboratory, CT Scan and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) manned by Intensivists for Comprehensive Care of patients.