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Sun rays reach us as electromagnetic waves.

Sunscreens are drugs which are applied with intention of preventing sunlight harmful rays from reaching skin.

Sunscreen Protection Criteria:

  1. SPF (Sunburn Protection Factor) – minimal 30+ SPF needed for Indian skin. Measures UVB protection.
  2. PA factor – Measures UVA protection
  3. Boot Star rating – Measures UVA protection
  4. Water resistant Sunscreen: Able to retain effect after 2 immersions in water for 20 minutes each.

Benefits of sunscreen:

  • Anti aging
  • Halts Photo aging
  • Avoid tanning, Pigmentation

How to apply sunscreen:

Right amount: Arm (Both), face, neck – 3ml every time.

When to apply: Daily even when indoors apply in morning and also repeat in afternoon in 4-5 hrs of gap more frequently if sweating/swimming.

Which: Lotions/creams for dry/normal skin. Gels for oily skin with pimples

Who can use: Above 16 yrs of age can use daily. For children, physical sunscreens are advised.

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