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Why is it not safe to use Cotton buds?

Why is it not safe to use Cotton buds?

Cotton buds are commonly used by most of the people especially by women after taking head bath to clean the ear. Ideally, using ear buds is not advisable because nature has its own way to extrude the ear wax (dirt particles present in the ear) by the movement of the jaw which happens during chewing the food.

People having a narrow ear canal should strictly avoid using cotton buds to clean their ear as the natural method doesn’t work for them. So they should meet an ENT specialist at least once in 6 months and get the ear cleaned.

Usage of cotton buds is not recommended due to the following reasons:

  • It may cause an injury to the external ear wall
  • It may lead to any infection in the ear (Otitis external)
  • It may push the ear wax more deep in the ear i.e. in front of the ear drum causing blockade of the ear
  • It may lead to conductive hearing loss
  • It may cause an injury to the ear drum

Methods of cleaning the ear are as under:

  • If it is a soft wax, it could be removed by easily by natural method.
  • If it is a hard wax, it needs an intervention of an ENT specialist.
  • Cleaning of the ear can also be done by Syringing method.
  • Cleaning of the ear can be done by using wax dissolving agents.

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